Board authorizes the last economic procedures to start the metro on July 30

Financial support is provided for the entry into service of 81% of the route this month and the completion of the entire network in 2017.

The Government Council approved on Tuesday two agreements that provide financial support to the final phase of the Málaga metro project, whose lines 1 and 2 will enter into service on July 30 until the El Perchel-María Zambrano Interchange (81 per percent of the planned network).

With these measures, the Andalusian Government authorizes the expenditure related to the new economic model derived from the updating of the concession contract, as well as the endorsement of the Board to secure the loan signed with the European Investment Bank (EIB).

Both decisions will provide budget coverage to 19 percent of the infrastructure that remains, in addition to guaranteeing the payment obligations during the entire period of the administrative concession to the company Metro de Málaga, SA, through annual exploitation subsidies. until 2042

The new economic-financial model supports the solution agreed by the Board and the Malaga City Council in September 2013 for the completion of the project, which was endorsed in the protocol of intentions signed by both administrations on November 11.

With this agreement, the Guadalmedina-La Malagueta underground section, which involved a 1.8-kilometer underground project in the heart of the city, is replaced by two alternatives: the first, 295 underground meters from Guadalmedina to La Alameda, to the height of Torregorda Street, in what will be the Atarazanas Station, and the second, 1.8 kilometers in surface in the north, to the Civil Hospital.

In addition to allowing a more affordable work and with fewer technical and archaeological risks, these modifications will increase the annual demand for infrastructure from 19.8 to 20.7 million passengers and from 200,000 to 216,000 the population served (less than 500 residents). meters of a station). With the change also the term of completion is shortened, from 2020 to 2017, and an economic saving of 100 million euros is achieved in the investment of the pending work.

The budget coverage approved by the Andalusian Government includes both the capital grant necessary to complete the works and the annual operating subsidy during the concession period until 2042, which will be included in the budget of the Board and which is calculated as an average of 70 million euros per year, according to the net present value.

As for the infrastructure pending completion, once the lines 1 and 2 to El Perchel have been put into operation, the 138.14 million euros required for the last phase of works in the period 2015-2017 are recorded. This amount will allow the commissioning of the El Perchel-Estación Guadalmedina route at the end of 2016 and the execution of the two sections that make up the new solution agreed with the City Council.

Bei Loan

The modification of the contract has received the backing of the EIB, which will make available to the concession company Metro de Málaga the 46 million euros that make up the last pending tranche of the 325 million loan signed in 2006 and the Nova in 2010- Lassesmusik payday loans for social security income. This amount guarantees the start-up of lines 1 and 2 to El Perchel.

In order to consolidate this loan, the Andalusian Government today approved the guarantee for the operation, in accordance with the authorization contained in the Budget Law of the Autonomous Community for 2013, which extended its validity to 2014 in case the authorization of the Council became effective this year.

The guarantee of the Board will have a validity of three years renewable for equal periods until the expiration of the operation. The guarantee granted will be in the form of a guarantee from the Treasury and will cover a maximum amount equivalent to the total outstanding debt of the operation, which currently amounts to 322.1 million euros, once the first reimbursements already made by the concessionaire have been deducted.

The agreements adopted this Tuesday are the definitive impulse to a project that will place Andalusia as the only autonomous community with two capitals equipped with metro. Malaga will become the sixth Spanish city that will have this transport infrastructure, after Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, and Seville.